2016 Australia & New Zealand Mission
August 21-27 2016
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
and Auckland, New Zealand
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Australia Mission 2016

Australia/New Zealand Sales & Media Mission: 
Visit California invites partners to attend the 2016 Australia & New Zealand Sales & Media Mission, which will include events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland Aug. 21-27. 

In 2016 the travel trade program will reach agents in four cities (Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney) across five events – ensuring that our suppliers reach a wide range of our travel trade partners.

The PR track will run as a concurrent media-focused program with a separate schedule of events to reach top tier media and influencers. Media appointments and networking functions will take place in the publishing hubs of Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. 

For any cities that aren’t physically visited, appropriate VIP trade and media reps will be flown into Sydney. 


Australia remains a hot market for California with high demand for the Golden State travel experience. Although the Australian dollar has dipped below parity for the first time in almost three years, the exchange rate remains particularly strong for Australian travellers. With more nonstop flights between Australia and California (at least eight a day) and a strong, growing economy, demand for the Golden State travel experience continues to be high. 

New Zealand 
The New Zealand market is in positive shape with a stable and growing economy and excellent growth in outbound travel to the USA. With Air New Zealand continuing to offer non-stop services from Auckland to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

In both markets, the travel trade still plays a vital role in the consumer booking process – with travel agents still the number one method of booking long haul holidays.