2016 Australia & New Zealand Mission
August 21-27 2016
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
and Auckland, New Zealand
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Talking Points

Travel Profile (Total) 

$945M - 2015 P Visitor Spending 

46.1% 2014 California Market Share 

610K 2015 P California Visits 

638K 2016 F visits +4.6% 

755K 2020 F visits + 23.75%

$1.184B 2020 F spending 


  • 79 weekly nonstop flights
  • 27,821 weekly seats
  • Hawaii is a new feeder, as Hawaiian Airlines is increasing lift to Honolulu with strong one-stop connections to California
  • American Airlines has added a daily Sydney–LAX flight as of December 2015, replacing Qantas capacity on this route
  • Qantas has redeployed aircraft to restart Sydney–SFO services six times per week
  • Air New Zealand is currently connected with 25 weekly nonstop flights; by end of 2016 this will rise to approximately 39 weekly nonstop flights
  • United Airlines has announced new Auckland–SFO flights starting with 3 services per week from July 2016, ramping up to daily by October
  • American Airlines has announced new Auckland–LAX flights daily starting from June 2016


Market Insights 

  • Despite a weakening dollar, Australians' intention to travel internationally has stayed steady throughout the year; however, travelers from this market will be seeking "value for money" (not necessarily cheap) holidays as a result of the exchange rate
  • California is seen as a journey rather than an escape; travel motivators are exploring, experiencing and enriching, rather than recharging and relaxing
  • Australians like event-focused holidays, specifically music, sporting and cultural events
  • Australians are sophisticated and mature travelers; they want to do and see more and explore beyond the gateways
  • With Australia offering similar vacation experiences, unique, brag-worthy, “only in California” experiences are important to Australian travelers (compact diversity sets California apart)
  • Australians make travel a priority, and taking 4+ weeks of annual leave for a long-haul vacation is the norm
  • High number of first-time visitors
    • The "Great Outdoors" is a priority, with Australian travelers interested in immersing into the natural environment  



      Vacation/Holiday 95% 144
      Hotel/Motel 82% 108
      Average Length of Stay - Nights 8.8 72
      Average Spend Per Trip $1,700 90
      Average Destinations Visited Per Trip      4   129
      Average Party Size 2 118
      Travel with Children 17.4% 129